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JS 685® 13oz Aerosol Spray Can


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  • Due to DOA regulations, this product is currently only shipped to addresses in the State of Texas.

An aerosol spray uniquely formulated to kill fire ants and other destructive insects on contact and create a protective shield against insect infestation in electrical equipment for seven months.
Unlike tapes and powders that are difficult to apply, JS 685 is supplied in an easy-to-use aerosol can. It is applied as a liquid that dries quickly to form a 17,000 volt dielectric strength powder barrier.
The barrier keeps ants and other insects gone for 7 months, requiring only two applications each year.  Protects air conditioners, light housings, breakers boxes, and electrical controls. Keeps spiders and webs out of corners.
A can of JS 685 contains 800 feet of spray. Enough for hundreds of applications.

Protects Electrical Equipment from
Fire Ants and Other Insects

Spray kills ants on contact.

Straw attachment allows precision application.

Made in U.S.A